Graduate Certificate in Community Transformation

A field-based, faith-rooted, fringe-centric certificate in transforming marginal communities that they may thrive not just survive.


LIB 501 Introduction to Liberation Studies

(3 units)

Exploring the foundations of global liberation thought across cultural traditions.  It engages many classes theological inquiry categories from a liberation perspective.

Offered Spring 2023 – January 23 to April 21

CTF 501 Community Transformation

(3 units)

Exploring the challenges and models of transformational change within 21st century communities, particularly those on the edges of society, while developing a Christian framework for holistic development, organization, and advocacy

Offered Spring 2023 – January 23 to April 21

CTF 502 Organizing Communities for Transformation

(3 units)

Deconstructing the relations between marginal communities and broader contextual problems with a focus on advocacy.

CTF 503 Peace building in an Era of Conflict

(3 units)

Explores nonviolent responses to conflict that are oriented to the transformation of relationships damaged by hate, crime, family or community violence. The course introduces key concepts and skills toward the restoration of self and the rebuilding of relationships. The intent is to equip individuals to deal constructively with conflict in their own lives, institutions and communities.

Offered Spring 2023 – January 23 to April 21

CTF 504 Community Transformation in Practice

(2 units)

This course organizes an interdisciplinary dialogue between theologizing and urban analysis, drawing upon studies in economics, community development, anthropology, sociology, and history. It aims to generate perspectives and tools for transformative action.

LIB 502 Spirituality in the Margins 

(3 units)

Exploration and application of spiritual disciplines for the care and nurture of those living and/or working in and along side of marginalized communities.

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Program cost $150/unit

Estimated total cost of certificate, $2,700 now $0! All students enrolled in The Voices School shall receive their first certificate Tuition Free.

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