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The Voices School seeks to make a justice-centered education accessible to a broad range of learners. We work to create an authentic learning experience that will meet your personal and professional goals.

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A Voice for Liberation and Transformation

The Voices School for Liberation and Transformation is a collaborative of scholars, a network of leading influencers, and a community of learners committed to pursuing positive change through educating, inspiring, and training leaders of color in academia, business, politics, media, the arts, and culture.

A Cohort and Community of Faith and Justice

The Voices School connects students with a network of highly esteemed “on-the-ground” scholars, and leaders in their fields who live what they teach. Through mentoring and modeling, professors help students discover a deeper understanding of their authentic history and culture that honors and affirms them individually and collectively as people of color.

Students will be challenged and empowered to engage deeper with purposeful action, embrace authentic faith, and live as beacons of justice within their communities, culture, and throughout the world.

A Learning Platform of Purpose and Practice

Through the power of liberated education and faith, alongside the relational practice of community engagement in the cultural context of people of color, the Voices School offers certificates programs.

The School’s platform is a hybrid of online and face-to-face classes with students assigned to a neighborhood-based, small group cohort led by local professors, the majority of which are leaders of color with practical and contextual grassroots experience. The faculty, a network of esteemed scholars, will collaboratively work with students to provide instruction, conduct research, and publish through an authentic narrative to promote a voice for liberation and transformation for people of color.

Be a Part of Shaping a New Narrative

Whether as a leader, or as a learner, The Voices School invites you to be a part of writing a new and authentic narrative of leadership, truth, and service for people of color. Join us. Be a voice for liberation and transformation.

To request Kilns College transcripts or other alumni documentation, contact Pat Kent – pat@kilnscollege.org.


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