The Table of Leaders

The Voices School is governed by a Community of Scholars who work collaboratively through the following committees to shape, serve and support the students and one another.

  • Operations & Wellness
  • Teaching & Student Affairs
  • Recruitment & Communications
  • Funding & Collaborations
  • Executive

The Voices School President serves as the chair of the Operations & Wellness Committee. The Academic Director serves as the chair of the Teaching & Student Affairs Committee. A representative from each committee serves on the Executive Committee and two representatives from the Executive Committee sit on the Board.

“We invite you, not just to our school, but into the fulfillment of a dream for a new model of kingdom education, shaped and defined by the collaborative thought, manner and customs of BIPOC leaders.

We invite you to enter not only to learn but to teach, not only to receive but to give and share and build. We encourage you to choose to move past a decision to attend an institution to being a part of the diverse community that is The Voices School.

Finally, we invite you to bring it. Bring all that you are – your history, culture, values and traditions, your one, unique voice – and help us change the flat, traditional landscape of learning into a truly higher education experience.”

Donna Barber
Acting President | The Voices School


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