Cohort Leader

At the Voices School, participation in a cohort is strongly encouraged for students enrolled in a certificate or degree program. Cohorts are designed to provide a collaborative, safe and supportive learning community for added discussion and growth. It is meant to add a local, in-person (whenever possible), cultural context to the online academic experience and a space to build or expand a network of leaders committed to growth and transformation rooted in their faith.

Cohorts are led by leaders with a demonstrated heart for kingdom justice and a passion for learning. They serve as a vital part of the Voices Network of Scholars and work to support student engagement, recruitment and community building.

Cohorts consist of 4-12 students including the leader. (Click here to learn more about becoming a Voices Cohort Leader.)

Academic Director

The Academic Director works to continue to develop the necessary infrastructure for VOICES’ academic programs. For more information or to apply, click here.


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