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Graduate Certificates:

Liberating Theology

Master’s Degree:

The Voices School Master’s degree is earned through completing any two Graduate Certificates.

Masters in Biblical Community Transformation

Students will be awarded a Masters in Biblical Community Transformation upon successful completion of the Community Transformation  Certificate and the Intro to Biblical Studies: Bible, Power and Justice certificate.   The degree seeks to develop biblically-informed individuals who are called to wrestle with sociocultural and physical dynamics that affect issues around quality of life. Students are challenged to develop their own grounded and decolonized analysis of the world, and engage in transformation, particularly in multicultural and marginalized local and global contexts.


This school is a nonprofit corporation authorized by the State of Oregon to offer and confer the academic degrees and certificates described herein, following a determination that state academic standards will be satisfied under OAR 583-030. Inquiries concerning the standards or school compliance may be directed to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission Office of Degree Authorization, 3225 25th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97302, or

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