Teaching Scholar (Adjunct)

Job Title:          Teaching Scholar (Adjunct)

Reports To:       Teaching/Student Affairs Committee



The purpose of the Teaching Scholar position is to facilitate the learning of a diverse student body and to assess understanding so as to ensure meaningful application for the pursuit of positive change in the world. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated knowledge and expertise in applicable fields of study, a heart for kingdom justice, a passion for learning as well as sharing knowledge and a commitment to the pursuit of a decolonized education and world view.

Responsibilities Include:

  • To inspire, motivate, and empower students to think critically
  • Evaluate students and their academic progress
  • Participate in Scholars faculty meetings
  • Model a service leadership in all activities and interactions with stakeholders
  • Design, revise, and update courses and materials based on new developments in current events and research findings
  • Consult with program and course directors, other faculty members, advisory committees, industry partners, potential employers and students
  • Define, evaluate and validate course objectives
  • Specify or approve learning approaches and necessary resources
  • Develop individualized instruction using a variety of well-designed instructional material including multimedia presentations and current interactive technologies, focusing primarily on experiential and project-based learning
  • Select or improve textbooks and learning materials
  • Ensure student engagement, awareness of course objectives, approach and evaluation techniques
  • Carry out regularly scheduled instruction
  • Evaluate student progress/achievement; timely overall assessment of the student’s work within assigned courses.

Opportunities: (optional)

  • Develop curriculum and program planning
  • Participate in school governing committees
  • Present findings and research to The Voices School Community
  • Engage in collaborative research/publishing in chosen field especially that for the benefit of BIPOC communities


  • Strong communications skills, both written and oral
  • Master’s Degree or higher in subject area and meaningful related work experience

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Zoom, Google Meets or similar presentation platforms

This is a part-time, contract position.

To apply: Send cover letter and resume to dbarber.voices@gmail.com


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