Dr. Jess Bielman

Jess Bielman has his Doctorate of Ministry from Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC where his work focused on contextualizing theological education. He teaches classes specifically geared towards the formation of students. These classes range from preaching labs, community engagement labs, historic Christian spirituality, religion and culture, and others.

Jess has successfully become a pastoral presence for a generation of people who have said “no” to pastors in a traditional sense. He is a mentor to those who minister in the name of Jesus to a church that historically has not valued their perspectives. Jess prepares leaders to engage community in ways that honor the dignity of all people and cultures.

He has been mentored and engaged leaders in cultural work and developed initiatives that center the voices on the margins. He has worked with scholars and practitioners to co-constructed programs, curriculum, and content that analyzes theological and cultural issues impacting the thriving of church and community.



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