Dr. Michael Mata

I love cities and as such for over 30 years have designed and administered community and faith-based urban programs and have integrated those experiences into my training and facilitated learning contexts, particularly in the areas of community development, congregational redevelopment, intercultural programs, organizational and leadership development, ministry/nonprofit management and community youth development.  I was the director of the Transformational Urban Leadership graduate program at Azusa Pacific Seminary and served as the Community Transformation Specialist with Compassion Creates Change, Inc.. I have also served with World Vision U.S. Programs and on the faculty at the Claremont School of Theology where I was the Director of the Urban Leadership Institute after serving fifteens years as part of the pastoral team at Los Angeles First Church of the Nazarene (a multi-ethnic/multi-congregation church with a highly regarded community program and prominent youth program).  I currently serve or have served on the boards and advisory councils of local and national community, ecumenical, nonprofit and academic organizations.  I have earned degrees in biblical literature, religion and urban planning.

My wife, Tina, balances my admiration of the built environment by creating a sustainable environment where were live (a certified urban habitat)— growing much of the vegetables and fruit we eat and at one time cared for our chickens. Most recently she completed a 10 year stint as the president of a community land trust committed to sustainable living.



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