Tamice Spencer-Helms, M.A.

Tamice Spencer-Helms (she/they) is a published author, speaker, and theologian based in Richmond, Virginia.  

At 20 years old Tamice was drawn to full time ministry. After 15 years, Tamice went on to found Sub: Culture Incorporated, a nonprofit that provides holistic support and crisis relief for Black College Students. 

In addition to their Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Copywriting (Virginia Commonwealth University), Tamice has a Masters of Arts in Contextual Leadership and a Masters of Arts in Theology. 

Over the years, Tamice has been a change-maker and pioneer for young people in her community. Throughout their life, Tamice has connected, supported, and ministered to countless young adults. Her friendly and down-to-earth approach to public speaking and teaching, as well as their dedication to theological study, has helped empower and inspire people in her community and beyond. 

Tamice lives in Richmond with their spouse Ellison, her daughter Harlym and their puppy Beacon Rey. In her spare time, she loves to dissect and listen to Hip-Hop, watch documentaries, whiskey tasting, and relax with a good book and a fresh cup of coffee. 

Don’t miss out on what Tamice has planned next! Stay tuned and follow her on Instagram @tamicenamaespeaks and Twitter @TamiceNamae. To engage with Tamice’s writing on a regular basis, subscribe to her Substack 



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